Zig Ziglar's Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World: With Rick and Kara Green

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"Zig Ziglar's Coaching was an integral part of our parenting. Because of these Biblically based, scientifically sound strategies, we have been super blessed to raise children who remained teachable through the "teenage" years and now we want to share Zig's wealth of wisdom with a new generation including YOU! We do not believe there is any kind of perfect, magic formula for raising kids, but our personal experience is that the golden nuggets of wisdom timelessly preserved in these recordings will absolutely, positively improve the relationships in your home." - Rick & Kara Green


(From the back cover)

In the culture war going on for your child's heart and soul, what are parents to do? With the internet, on demand entertainment of every variety possible, and online gaming bombarding our children and attempting to make an assault on their minds daily, we need proven strategies to give our families a fighting chance.

Zig Ziglar, success coach to multiple generations, provides the guide-lines that you need to face life's parental challenges. With timeless methods to implement in every household, Zig shows you that you do have what it takes to raise good, healthy, respectful children.


BONUS AUDIO BOOK - Our American Story included.


This set is five (5) MP3 audio discs & digital downloads of the audio files.