The Patriot's Daughter (Book 1 of The Patriot's Daughter Series)

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A new novel by Kamryn Green!

"Maddie Holt is the resolute, 14-year-old daughter of Col. John Holt. Caught in the middle of a brutal War for Independence, she struggles to find her own purpose in the American Revolution. While awaiting her father's return from the battlefront, Maddie's world is upended by a mysterious messenger with a letter from the colonel. Forced to fight her own battle for heart and home, her intrigue with the charming young officer is cut short by the chilling news found within the letter. Royal Dragoons are heading to River Springs, threatening Maddie and everyone she loves. 

Loaded with gripping adventure and a story of sacrificial love, The Patriot's Daughter will inspire you as Maddie discovers what it truly means to fight and love like a patriot."