Front Sight Constitutional Defense LIVE Class

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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase different quantities of BBQ dinners and workbooks (if a couple wants to share a workbook but purchase 2 dinners), simply add to cart the quantity of dinners, then return to this page and add to the cart the desired quantity of workbooks as a separate transaction.

Join us for Rick Green's live Constitution Class, focused specifically on the 2nd Amendment, at Front Sight. Fees for the class are waived if you have a certificate or membership to attend a Front Sight class on the same weekend. Yes, that means FREE!!!! Dinner is available for $20 (hot BBQ plate after a long day of firearms training on the range!) and workbooks are available for $15.

You must pre-register for the class, even though it is free, so that we have a head count for the room, books, and meals. Choose this item and checkout with your cart even if you do not purchase dinner or a book. Then we will have you on the list for the evening class.

You are also invited to a very private, exclusive VIP dinner on the second night, the evening after the Constitution Class. This will be a VIP, private dinner for the first 10 people to register and donate $250 to Patriot Academy. You can make your donation through this registration.

So, to be clear... there are TWO dinner options for checkout here. 1st, the $20 BBQ dinner that you will get at the end of your 1st day of training just before the start of the Constitution Class. 2nd, at the end of your 2nd day of training, there will be a private dinner at Symphonies, where you will get to visit with Rick Green and the Front Sight Executive Team.